About Ze’ev Jabotinsky

Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky was a Jewish prophet, a leader of pre-State Zionism, and a man whose inspiration remains alive amongst so many worldwide today.

This site is dedicated to commemorating the memory and work of this great man – with the hope that his actions and words will inspire Jews to continue to follow in the ways of Jabotinsky! Long Live Jabotinsky.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky was an author, poet, and fighter – who forever changed the path of the Jewish people.

He founded the first modern day Jewish Army, the Jewish Legion – and previously created the Jewish Self-Defense Organization, which guarded Jewish communities throughout Russia from attacks. As he noted, the ABC’s for Jewish youth needs to be to learn to shoot.

He was a great writer, known as a brilliant journalist. In addition to countless poems, plays and novels, he translated Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” into Hebrew.

Before World War 2, he traveled throughout Europe warning Jewish communities of the dangers of the rise of Anti-Semitism, urging Jews “Liquidate The Diaspora Or The Diaspora Will Liquidate You.”

In 1923, he founded Betar, the Zionist youth movement, which he deemed his proudest moment. Betar was named Brit (Covenant) of Joseph Trumpeldor, to commemorate the one-armed Jewish hero who died protecting the Jewish community of Northern Israel at Tel Chai.

He was a delegate to the 6th Zionist Congress, the last in which Theodor Herzl participated where he championed the spread of Hebrew language and culture. He eventually left the Zionist establishment in order to create the Union of Revisionist Zionism which called for the immediate creation of a Jewish State.

He created the New Zionist Organization which called for free immigration to Palestine. In 1937, the Irgun Tzvai Leumi became the military arm of the Jabotinsky movement, with him as its commander.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky died in 1940 while visiting a Camp Betar site in New York. He is buried, together with his wife Joanna on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky fought his entire life for the Jewish people. He was a visionary, a leader, a fighter, an ideologue who must always be remembered.

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