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Ze’ev Jabotinsky enjoying life. Jabotinsky was widely read and an author, linguist and more. He enjoyed life. 

Ze’ev Jabotinsky said that human spirituality could be expressed through creativity, which could be expressed through art. He defined art as “I would say it is the act of giving form to all that surrounds man and clarifies his consciousness; art is a reflection of life, the sum of life’s virtues; it exposes life’s fundamentals and preserves it for future generations.” 

He once wrote a letter to Boris Shatz, the Lithuanian Jewish artist who is known as the “father of Israeli art” and who founded the famed Bezalel School in Jerusalem which said, “Every true artist is a cavalier in his heart. Perhaps ultimately you and I are performing the same task, only from two different sides: you invoke in people their sense of beauty while I the sense of bravery, and these are two qualities that only a free man possesses”.