Photo 5

Advertising a speech of Ze’ev Jabotinsky on February 18, 1929 in Jerusalem. 

The man was a believe in the power of persuasion – and was regarded as an outstanding, spell binding public speaker. 

In 1932, Jabotinsky wrote, “A newspaper is a grand thing. There is no labor of higher worth than that of the journalist, whether he writes instructional articles or reports on a robbery that took place yesterday in the slums. Like the function of the blood circulating through the body, or like the function of commerce in the international market, so is the function of journalism in the realm of the spirit. Who were the first to teach us to always interfere in matters that are not ours, to judge people and nations, even though we were never chosen for the position of judge? The work of the publicist is a legacy from the Prophets of Israel. Our passion is to speak, to proclaim-“Shouting” is what the same audience calls it, ‘we have no need for words, give us actions.’ One thing that audience forgets is that speech is also an action – Perhaps the most authentic of all other actions. Cities have been destroyed, and more will fall, but what was shouted in the wilderness thousands of years ago is alive and still relevant. The world was created by the Word. The world will be mended by the Article.” 

He also published many articles and books.