Books on the Jabotinsky Movement to Read

Samson by Ze’ev Jabotinsky
The War and The Jew by Ze’ev Jabotinsky
The Revolt by Menachem Begin
White Nights by Menachem Begin
Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky Two Volume Set Hardcover by Shmuel Katz
The Life & Times of Vladimir Jabotinsky: Rebel & Statesman: The Early Years Hardcover – by Joseph B. Schechtman
The Political and Social Philosophy of Ze’ev Jabotinsky: Selected Writings by Mordechai Sarig, Shimshon Feder and Daniel Carpi
Jabotinsky: A Life by Hillel Halkin (Note:The first biography written on Zionist prophet Ze’ev Jabotinsky in English in more than twenty years.)
Every Individual, a King: The Social and Political Thought of Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky by Raphaella Bilski Ben-Hur
Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul by Daniel Gordis
Days Of Fire By Shmuel Katz
Free Jerusalem Heroes, Heroines and Rogues Who Created the State of Israel by Ze’ev Golan
Terror Out of Zion: The Fight for Israeli Independence by J. Bowyer Bell
The Deed by Gerold Frank
Perfidy By Ben Hecht
The Five: A Novel of Jewish Life in Turn-of-the-Century Odessa by Ze’ev Jabotinsky